Skywork undertake a wide range of work for many Government Departments as well as the private sector, including tree pruning for electrical and communication transmission lines and roadside vegetation clearance for heavy vehicles. Skywork provide tree and stump removal services to local councils and Government and have undertaken tree trimming operations and emergency tree work at locations throughout South East, South Australia & South West Victoria. Skywork are able to perform all aspect of the work by using tree climbers for those difficult areas and avoiding damage to sensitive vegetation with the use of heavy machinery. Sometimes, however, our operations do require the use of heavy machinery, such as Elevated Working Platforms (EWP) and our workforce is trained and experienced in the operation of this type of plant and equipment. We can offer a range of Elevated Work platforms for hire including 22m, 16m, 9m also for hire is a Tandem Tipper & Loader. We are also able to offer the services of a qualified arborist to provide expert advice on tree health and safety. Skywork can also provide habitat pruning of dead trees and habitat relocation work. Written reports may be provided by prior arrangement. Skywork do not consider any job to be too small or too difficult; in fact we welcome unusual jobs as a challenge to our ingenuity and experience! Available 24 Hours for any emergency.
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